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Acoustic Drum Triggers

We’ve partnered with Extreme Drums to offer you the best of both worlds. The pioneers over at Extreme Drums have been innovating and refining internal acoustic drum triggers for years.

E-Drum Triggers

Prism Mesh w/Acoustic Internal Triggers

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Marshall Rinker over at Extreme Drums understands the need for quality components which are built to last. Extreme Drums acoustic drum triggers are well crafted and ship with a 30-Day, no-frills satisfaction guarantee and a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY!


Attention to Detail

Switching over to an electronic drum kit is not for everyone. You may be forced to adjust to smaller shell sizes or required to fork over a hefty amount for a top-tier set. Enter Extreme Drums. Visit them by clicking here to see how easy it is to switch over an acoustic drum set. The conversion process is swift and the metamorphosis to an acoustic hybrid is a testament to in-depth research, design, and knowledge.


Customer Service

Quality and Service is our foundation because we love what we do.  Expect fast shipping, quick response times for help requests, and personal attention to your specific needs.  Experience (from start to finish and beyond) unmatched service. While you're at it, enjoy the best prices around.

Sim Series Mesh Drum Head
Prism Custom Shop 14" Mapex Rebel Electronic Snare w/ 3Ply Sim Series Mesh

Prism Custom Shop 14" Mapex Rebel Electronic Snare w/ 3Ply Sim Series Mesh

The Partnership: Prism & ExTreme Drums

The following is a true story. As you may know, Prism offers some of the best deals on mesh drum heads in a variety of styles to suit varying needs. You may also know that we customize drums for resale. Our Custom Shop is located here. We discovered Extreme Drums while trolling the internet and were impressed with the ease of the conversion process. We then continued to browse the website due to the amount of knowledge being freely shared. At this point we were beyond hype and seriously considering creating our own internal triggers. We had finished our initial research phase when Gary Marshall Rinker reached out to us unexpectedly. We exchanged emails and expressed mutual interest enough that a partnership was in its early stages. Being customer centric, we simply would not recommend to our client bases something we could not personally vouch for. The rest is history and brings us to this point.



A dual zone snare drum conversion takes about 10 minutes, most of which will be removing the lugs, rim, and head. As a bonus, each acoustic drum trigger order comes complete with a detailed information packet complete with photos, tips, and a bevy of industry knowledge. Expect all included materials to exceed expectations. The compiled information from Extreme Drums will truly assuage any fears and make the installation as easy as 1-2-3.  We were tipped off that the team at Extreme Drums has a goal to document most electronic drum modules from the last 25 years to provide starting parameters for their products.


Start Here if you are looking for an acoustic to e-drum solution.