Hot Cross Drums

Escalators go up and down, but sometimes on the way up you decide that maybe the steps would have been a better choice.  In customer service, the goal is to de-escalate the situation in a calm and controlled manner by placing yourself in the customer’s shoes and empathizing.


As a consumer sometimes you forget the person on the other end may be and quite likely is completely innocent.  In your frustration, you lash out at whoever you can get ahold of.  Unfair, yes but this is reality.


At Prism we want to make sure this happens as infrequently as possible. We hand test all electronic products to ensure the client is getting what they ordered. If there is an issue, we hope to be able to catch it on our end before disappointing an eager customer.


The other day I failed as a consumer after making a purchase off of eBay. They say practice what you preach so I am going to publicly acknowledge my shame.


I ordered something online that I was really excited about.  I rerouted it in route to a separate facility, so it was necessary for me to step out in 20-degree weather to go pick it up. That didn’t dampen my mood as this was a prized buy. I waited in Radio Shack, face full of smiles. I even purchased a PowerCube as my outlets were getting crowded.  I finally got my package and made the trip home and promptly ripped open the box.  There they were! Four Alesis DM8 Dual Zone Mylar electronic drum pads.  I grabbed my headphones, threw them on, and plugged in a ¼” TRS cable.


I test everything I buy right away. I cannot seem to help it, even if I need to let a dog out or something.  This is where I failed. I hit the rim. I hit it again, and again. The second zone was not triggering. Ok, maybe this one was just a dud but I had three more. I could live with that.  Three pads later I just stared blankly. None would trigger for the second zone. I hooked up my own personal pad to confirm the module wasn’t acting funny. Nope!


I needed to breathe, but in that moment I was angry. Waiting a week to receive my shipment only to have the product not match the description had sent me over the edge. I send a direct message to the seller telling him that the pads didn’t match the description and were pretty much useless to me. All of his customer service and good will up to the point of purchase had been forgotten.  I waited probably twenty minutes before deciding that I was going to return the product.  The seller had a 100 percent positive feedback rating so I should have waited. After hitting “Return to Seller”, I got a message from the seller acknowledging my frustration and ensuring me that he was unaware that the pads were malfunctioning. He offered me a partial refund which was fair and pointed out that piezo’s are affordable. He then suggested that in the event of future purchases, wait until you hear back from the seller before initializing a return. 100% fact and I knew it. I gave him a perfect review to let him know that I understood and respected how he handled everything.


The partial refund failed to go through and the seller explained in full transparent detail the reason. I told him I understood and could wait. My anger level had abated but I left the pads on the couch. I really did not have a plan for them anymore. The next evening I received a message from the seller who was very agitated with eBay's return policy in conjunction with PayPal. It appears he was conversing with them all day and still did not have a resolution. Again, full transparency and apologetic.


After a few messages, I received an email from PayPal with a refund. The refund was the full amount so I contacted the seller and told him “I’m sorry but it looks like this will drag on longer, they gave me the full amount.” He responded back and said no, I refunded the full amount and to have a Happy New Year among other things.


I was shocked, but at the same time, I felt dirty. I absolutely did not expect the item for free and I also was not trying to pull a fast one. The money was not mine. I decided I would not feel right accepting it so I donated it to a PayPal charity.


When things are fair, both sides should hurt but be satisfied. This seller went above and beyond what was expected (good customer service) but as a buyer my heart still wasn’t sitting right. I have contacted the seller to let him know that if he likes anything on the Prism website to let us know and we can make a deal.


Thank you, Derek!