Resourceful Resources - A Guide To Buying Second-Hand

These days the easiest way to reach consumers is through their phones. It was a no-brainer that someone took the craigslist idea and made it mobile. Anywhere outside of su casa, your wallet or phone is at most, a foot or two away. Prism Products is also mobile but that’s beside the point. We are here to talk about deals! Everyone loves deals, bargains, sales, and STEALS.


Buying Defined

Steals are rare and require a marksman’s eye and a ready wallet.  Sales typically happen around major holidays and on weekends when people have free time on their hands.  Bargains are closeouts or returns that have been marked down. Now deals, deals are different. A deal is something where you see value where someone else might not. Today we are going to talk about how to determine if something can be a potential deal. Remember if you are following the E-Studio Upgrade creation process, the goal is to update my existing equipment on a budget.


Need Based Actions

I wanted mesh drum pads.  Mesh drum pads cost a bundle so we decided to use Prism for high-quality mesh drum heads and trigger cones. The trigger cone or foam comes free with the sweet and easy conversion service they offer. Pretty cool!!


Check out why mesh is the best


The first thing we do is scour eBay. Like washing pots, this is tedious but can be rewarding.  You may need to check back a few times during the week. Also use Amazon to price check if you are buying new or gently used. Amazon has the fastest shipping but I’ve had the worst luck finding bargains. The next best place to look is local craigslist ads or sell-to-your-neighbor apps. Be sure to search surrounding towns on craigslist as well as the big cities to make sure you aren’t bypassing any hidden gems. One don’t: Don’t be like me…I was an hour or two late on a STEAL.


Your heart will hurt if someone beats you to something due to better availability.  Your heart will also hurt if you lose an eBay auction where anyway you looked at it, the numbers said buy at any cost. Again, don’t be like me, have your wallet locked and loaded.


You want the story?  Ok, I’ll bite. I lost out on six electronic pads for $120.00 via eBay when I set my limit at $117.00 and then again on five pads for $180.00. This may have happened within 12 hours of each other. When this happens you try to justify yourself (I saved $287.00 today). Things happen people say…never makes it better.


The Road to Redemption

...Is rough! It also requires patience and haggling. I came across a lady on craigslist selling a complete Alesis DM8 setup that was only missing a Hi-Hat pedal. I hemmed and hawed. The price was $475.00 and my elementary math was giving me fits. The redeeming part about the kit was an Alesis Trigger I/O module. At least that’s what I figured at first. I still had no intention of paying the full amount. The lady turned it over to her boyfriend to sell and he immediately made a mistake. He told me the lowest price he would accept was $350.00. Discount double check!!


I went back to the math. I only needed the drum pads.


Let’s take a closer look at the part that requires patience:


Parting Out                                                       Asking                            Sold

Alesis Trigger I/O              Approx                 $140-150.00                     $127.00

Kick Drum Trigger             Approx                 $110-120.00                      $114.00

Alesis 3 Zone Ride            Approx                 $80-95.00                        $117.00

Crash + Hi-Hat                    Approx                $60-75.00                        See above (combo)

Drum Rack + Clamps

+Cymbal Holder                Approx                 $110.00                             $114.00


Taking the minimum I would list the items for and hopefully sell, I would bring back $500.00 cash dollars while keeping the pads and having enough to utilized the Prism Alesis Mylar to Mesh Conversion Service.


So we’re back to hemming and hawing but my pocket was starting to itch. I offered $310.00, best offer. He countered and told me to get a real job. That was funny.  We eventually settled at $330.00 as long as I got it that day.


Current Grade: A

Total Cost: $240 Rack + $330.00 - $472.00

Sourcing Hours: 2 Hours

Verdict: Identify, execute, and swoop! If all works as planned, I’ll actually break even or maybe even make a few dollars off this upgrade. Now I know why people sell things literally piece by piece. The next time you drive by a junk yard, give them a respectful nod.


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