The Muscle Car Module

2016 was the year of the buzz phrase “I don’t find this intuitive” yet some way somehow we are still accepting equipment from the early years of electronic drumming. Most businesses have acknowledged the ease of touch interfaces (Computers, Mobile Phones, Domino’s, The Please Touch Museum, ect).  We took a look at the most widely used modules on the market and found them lacking.  What you see is mostly small LCD screens, knobs, and buttons.  Ancient in today’s world.


Graphic LCD 80 x 256 dots Yikes!!

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Stay classy! 


Differentiation seemed focused (for the most part) on the quality of sound samples. Do we need 1,100 drum instruments if my style probably suits 7-10 different drum kits? 

Let’s look at what the next generation of drum modules should look and feel like or should at least try to mimic.


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It's like your seat was upgraded from economy to first class until you see the price.  But it's a start.

Any new drum modules released should have the minimum following characteristics:


·         Full LCD Interface

·         USB Slot

·         Bluetooth

·         SSD Hard Drive

·         Wi-Fi

·         Small Sample Library


A child should be able to navigate quickly through various settings and setups. Tap, tap. That's what most people do all day on phones and tablets. Easy, efficient, and memorable.


I should be able to plug in a USB drive to quickly add samples, save a song, and import or export .wav files.  While we’re at it, less cords!! These are in everything so let's also add Bluetooth capability and Wi-Fi. If phones can get over the air updates, my drum module should as well.


Lastly, I need a hard drive and these can range from 32-128GB. My hard drive will come with the basic essentials and around four built-in drum kits.

When released, the module should range from $500.00-1,200.00 based on hard drive size.  The hard drive is needed for the available samples that I can preview and purchase from the drum module manufacturer or licensed partners store at the cost of anywhere from $1.50 to $3.00.


Think back to ringtones. Personalization is a strong selling point, especially among artists.  Each drum module is therefore personalized with each sample downloaded. I may be really into congas so I have an extensive library. With the touch interface, I can easily assign the samples to various pads.  It’s time to start new conversations. This is where thinking outside the plastic black box took me.  Chime in!