Jumping the Gun: On Your Mark, Get Set!

In the past, the very distant past, honey roasted chestnuts sold hot and heavy. No one asked about a go to market strategy or mentioned anything about social selling. They simply let the smells do the talking and offered a sample or two. Well, we decided to hearken back to those good ole days -- the days where you let taste and quality talk and carried a cudgel for the hard and slow of hearing.


Perfect plan @Prism_Products until you turn it over.


As a small business aiming to carve a niche, we decided we needed to do things differently. After biting our knuckles, we decided not to skimp on the product. We choose quality and flexibility. This left a marketing budget of $0.00 as everything went to reinvestment.  We hoped that our customers would do the talking for us. Let’s highlight the errrr... zero dollar plan!


Thought Leadership


Has anyone ever told you to get a real job? This happened, yes.  We completed the deal eventually which ultimately led to this customer and awesome story.


We haven't quite determined where this is going so we have just been blasting shout-outs for our ever growing family.


Market Funnel



Visual content with studio quality sound


Mass exposure but at higher prices due to fees


The general thought was to use the blog to incite the masses to demand change from a stagnant market (this would require good content...hmmm). We’ll probably delve into this more in another post. For now, we’ll utilize Twitter and LinkedIn to push content.  YouTube does a few things for us. People are visual. We’ve embedded videos into our eBay posts to stand out and to drive people away from there to get the same items cheaper (eBay has since informed sellers that as of June 2017 they are removing this functionality).


On YouTube, if the right keywords are used we can meet the world from Philly.  No small feat!! In Philadelphia, there is a sad segment of people that never really leave a 10 block radius. We can't survive if no one knows who we are or what we offer. Going forward, product highlights are visual and include our website, prism-products.us.


The bottom line is that if Mark Cuban sold trash bags, we know we can sell musical instruments. We also added a video list for instrumentals. Have a listen.


The plan is to have musicians send us their instrumentals for exposure for both parties. The instrumentals will be used to encourage playing with the natural ear. This encourages creativity.


Available Now! Prism Black and Gold 12" E-Ride/Crash Cymbals

Wish List


Doc: I know a band called SEO

                                           Pop: I ain’t heard of that

Doc: Yeah, they do covers