The Prism Skill Test

I started drumming by accident. I worked with a guy who had mandatory army duty in Turkey and had to go back. Burak or his roommate (really uncertain) had a really bad Gammon Percussion 7pc set they wanted to get rid of. I scooped it for a $125 dollars and threw it in my car. The cymbals were poor but made noise and the drum heads were terrible sounding and out of tune. I ditched the snare, bought a Mapex double bass, and some Evans heads. The cymbals all survived sadly but years later my mom scooped some good ones for my brother from Cash Converters, a great local pawn shop.


Did this make me a better drum player? No, I was quite terrible for 2-3 years but I stuck with it. At some point, I became noise conscious and purchased an electronic drum kit. I was happy. I gave up the acoustic set and all the hardware above to one of my creative little brothers. To this day, that set is still kicking and sounding pretty good.


Electronic drumming has kept me playing and progressing. I was introduced to Mixcraft 7 which is a great and very inexpensive digital audio workstation. I have since produced music and videos using both pieces of software and can say I will never go without an electric kit.


If you are a musician, be sure to check out our Youtube skill test put together by local musicians.

MixCraft 8 is available -Not affiliated but we recommend

MixCraft 8 is available -Not affiliated but we recommend