Old Digs, New Shoes

No one thinks they're spoiled. Not the rich kids, not the first born, not even the teacher's pet. There is a justification for everything. Rubber pads will trigger a drum. They now even have roll-up drum mats that can be placed on a flat surface. However, we just can't shake the feeling that something isn't right.


"Acoustic, acoustic, acoustic" they clamor! "Neighbors, families, and significant others" you argue back to a stalemate! There's a time and a place for everything acoustic and a place for everything electronic. To choose one over the other is folly.  The variety of sounds is too enticing (see electronic keyboards) and the physical presence of a complete acoustic kit hasn't been emulated.


Ditch the rubber, mylar, and the roll-ups. Mesh drums are expensive, when purchased new, but conversions and used items can be found on the open market quite easily. We now continue our electronic drum set revival.


Mylar to Mesh


Items Needs: Prism Mesh | E-Pads | Various Components | Drum Key

Price: $55 Per (Used Alesis Pads + Materials)


In my case, I found a 3pc lot of pads for $70, including shipping, which drastically reduced the cost. Only one of the pads triggered both zones which is not too much of an issue since I can make these toms. Forty-five minutes later, I am a fully converted mesh snob disdaining anything unrealistic feeling or looking. I even converted my kick pad to complete my vanity.



TOTAL COST: $287.00

  • $240 Yamaha RS130 Drum Rack
  • $-122.00 Buy/Sell Local Kit Proceeds
  • 169.00 Purchase Pads + Conversions

Coming Soon - Part 3 Cymbals

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