We Created A Monster

Jeff is a happy man. This is how he got here.


How it all fit? No one knows!

How it all fit? No one knows!

In the beginning, he had a vision. We believe the vision started out small and focused because we sold him just the rack pictured above (if you can find it) and one 8" Prism converted Alesis Electronic Pad.


Prism Black 8'' 3 ply Mesh

Prism Black 8'' 3 ply Mesh

The rack had issues. It was missing two feet that we believed we would have before it was sold.  Jeff was faster. The Buy It Now button left us in a lurch. We reached out to him to let him know we would need to ship the rubber feet separate.  "No big deal," he said.


We shipped the rack with all the parts. When it arrived, he began piecing it together and that was when he realized he was missing a couple of bolts. We don't typically ship racks so we took the blame and worked with the customer. He decided to go to his local music store and pick up what he needed. We told him to tell us how much it cost and refunded him that amount for pain and suffering.  At this moment I will admit I thought the business relationship was over, not because we had a packing error, but because he had what he needed.


Jeff returned as a customer five times... at least. We are no stranger to repeat business but this is a record. Each time we started talking a little bit more. We really like talking to our customers to find out what they're up to:

"Yeah the Trigger I/O is just to add additional triggers for the DM10 otherwise I would have needed 2 DM10's. I'll be recording to a Tascam DP-32SD. Now on to the bass pedal project."

Alesis DM10 and Trigger I/O

He mentioned that the project had gotten out of hand. We were intrigued because his orders were for more Prism Black 3 Ply Reflective Response Mesh along with some rack clamps and pad holders. He always promised a picture but what we kept receiving were more orders.


"Sorry I have not got you the pictures yet but it seems this monster is never quite complete.
I'm looking for some pad mounts to add 4 more toms, any chance you have any extras you can part with?"


We're in business to do business and Jeff's vision had expanded. To make a long story short, Jeff finally completed his set (because there is no room), snapped a few pictures for us, and is now a Prism advocate.


Does anyone think he is ready to record?