Three Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Drum Kit

Drum heads wear down, rip, or stretch over time. Thicker ply heads are more durable but produce a slightly different sound and feel. As drum heads aren't cheap, maybe instead of buying the whole set, you can start with one head. If you like it, buy the rest.  How often should you replace them? Great question. The answer varies depending on a number of factors. Drum heads should last a few years if they are good quality. Your playing style and frequency will dictate how long. If you play hard and long, expect to purchase a new head at some point. Most drummers will need to play/practice often to continue to progress. 


How often you play

Playing Climate (Wet Basement/Temp Controlled Studio, etc.)

Drumstick Tip Type (Plastic/Wood/Brushes)

Bass Drum Beater Type


1. Drumsticks are cheap. Having a couple extra in various sizes won't hurt.  We also recommend buying a double-sided felt bass drum beater.  Use both sides. If you have an acoustic bass drum, use the felt side to slightly dampen the sound. The hard plastic side can be used for sharp articulation or to increase the volume on a low noise mesh bass drum head.


2. Are you heavy-handed? Use a thicker ply for your practice drum kit to save yourself the trouble of halting a jam session due to a head puncture. Nothing is worse than trying to play dynamically around a ripped batter.


Consider mesh drum heads for your home studio. These heads drastically reduce acoustic noise and are compatible with E-Triggers which allow you to easily record, edit, and overdub at a controlled volume. While you may need an amp to do a small cafe two-man session, the occupants won't need ear buds if you forgot your brushes.

Prism RR Black | White 2Ply Mesh Drum Heads | Sizes 8-22" 

Prism RR Black | White 2Ply Mesh Drum Heads | Sizes 8-22" 

3. Cover your drum set when finished. Treat it like a car. Heat, light, moisture, and dirt all contribute to normal wear and tear. Covering your set protects it from most of these things. When you think about it, after all, it is metal, wood, or a plastic composite. A cheap alternative to a store bought drum cover is a fitted sheet. A queen size fitted sheet should do the trick.


Bonus Tip: Pick a satisfying color to match your decor so you don't get yelled at or select an ugly color that makes you rip the cover off time and time again. The ugly color may lead to more practice. A win-win situation if you ask us.



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