Talk of the Town

Every brand wants their product or service talked about a certain way. Most will hire expensive marketing firms and try out words. We tried words but we didn't hire anyone. No budget, to be honest. In the end, we did just enough to get two super reviews, one of which we are talking about right here.


Robbie is a trucker who converted from acoustic to electronic drumming. Like many others, he wanted high quality products without coughing up a kidney or two. Here is his story. We will not edit.


"So as a drummer of many years of playing my acoustic kit for decades, I broke down and decided it was time to get the most outplaying drums again. I bought a digital drum kit!!!!. My style and aggressive playing had not changed even though my kit had. I found myself busting kick drum heads constantly. No matter how loose or tight the head was or no matter what beater I went with. Big holes in the kick drum.

So we look for options.  And I feel I've landing on something that can take it.


Prism R/R Mesh in various Sizes

Prism R/R Mesh in various Sizes

These are 3 ply mesh heads, they come in two ply as well. I finally get all new 3 ply heads here and spend the morning mounting and setting everything back up. Kids are at school, wife is at work, and the place is mine for 5 or 6 hrs. I started playing and for several hours i kicked the crapout of these heads. I took a break checked everything out, to my surprise not even a indentionwhere normally I would find stress marks on the single ply heads I used.


Goofed around for a bit and I played about another hour and half. Damb I had to go work. I go through kick heads about every two weeks sometimes more or less. I don't think I'm gonna have that problem any more. If you kick the crap out of you bass drum like me you would be crazy to not go with these heads. There just as quiet and feel the same as the mesh heads your use to.


They are black which I prefer with no lettering which to me is nicer and cleaner. Digital drums are no small investment and acoustic drums are not either. Times have changed and the goal is the same. I just wanna play my drums more and maintain less. These 3 ply heads are gonna let me do just that. I will write another review after I kick a whole in that bass drum, if I can do that. I recommend more DRUMMING less maintenance and this is what you need to do just that."


No marketing team could or would write that!


Thank you Robbie!!