The Online Musicians' Guide

I know a really good piano player who also happens to own and run a local music school. When I say good, I mean really good. Little did I know, every Monday she gets into her car and drives a long way, just to take music lessons for herself.


This puzzled me. I've since snapped out of my daze.  If you lived a sheltered music life, to get better, you have to acknowledge that you can improve. Self-taught or classically trained, we all have room for improvement. We outlined a couple of resources available if you do not have access to/play with amateur or pro players. 


Head Phones- Use your phone to play along to an instrumental online

Streaming Media - Use your favorite streaming media player and try to imitate the musician on the track or play along.

Self Recorded Audio - A great way to critique sound and tempo. Do this over time to track progress. Free in most cases or minimal investment.

Video Selfie - Simple these days with mobile phones. Focus on hands or feet and listen to the output.

Click Track - Using the metronome might just be considered boring to you. We try to think outside the box here. Use your keyboard and set a tempo instead. Same thing, different, more enjoyable sound.


Yousician: Learn Guitar, Bass, Piano, Ukulele - Free Mobile App

Drum Lessons Online - Free

Prism Drum Play-Along - Free

Pro Drum School - Monthly/Yearly Sub

Harmonica Lessons - Free


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