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What we sell -- the best mesh drumheads, bass drum beaters, various other drum accessories for hybrid, electronic, and acoutic drums. Today we veer over into gear every drummer should have just in case.

Today we’re going to talk about the Behringer UltraTone K900FX Keyboard amp vs a Simmons DA50 Drum Amplifier. Another competitor in this class is the Roland PM-100 80 watt drum monitor. This would be a step up from the Simmons Monitor but we still think you’ll want to take a look at our vs review.


First Up: The Simmons DA50- Drum Amplifier

Simmons DA50 Drum Amplifier
Simmons DA50 Drum Amp Specs

The Simmons DA50 is a good drum monitor for practice, rehearsal, and even small clubs. It has an 1/8" MP3 input and 1/4 aux input with independent volume control. There is a headphone jack for silent practice.


Pros: Very popular and highly rated across multiple selling platforms. You may be able to find this on a local selling app or craigslist for less than the listed price of between $180-220 at a box store, eBay, or Amazon. This amp will handle the e-drumming job.


Cons: What you see is what you get. Very good for performing one function but very limiting. You do have a 3 band EQ for High, Mids, and Lows which should allow you to play a guitar but that’s pretty much it.


Side Note: You may want to look into the KAT KA1 and the Ddrum DDA50.


Behringer UltraTone K900FX Keyboard/PA System

KX900 Amp Keyboard E-Drum
K900FX Keyboard/ PA System Specs


Pros: The amp is extremely versatile (12” Woofer 1” tweeter), made to handle keyboards necessitating a higher frequency response across all ranges. This means, your ride cymbal is going to sound like a ride cymbal. A 5 band EQ allows a user to fine tune the sound output and the amp is loaded with additional ins and outs while being fully mountable to be used as a PA system (The back view of a Simmons DA50 will show only a power cord).


We ran a microphone directly into this amplifier enabling a sing along with a keyboard and a direct out from an e-drum kit. It handled everything with inputs left over. We then took it to a live performance which was recorded. This allowed a clean audio recording track while pushing the audio out to the crowd.


Cons: Limited availability in most box stores and may not be readily available second-handed. Scour Reverb, eBay, Guitar Center, and Amazon online platforms before you purchase. The power cord is short but this could be the industry standard. This amp is a bit hefty weighing in at about 45 or so pounds.


Behringer Ultratone K900FX

The integrated Fx does work pretty well. We haven't played with it as much as we would like along with the EQ for the perfect sound.

All and all, this is really not a fair comparison. This amplifier is available from $199-250 dollars brand new. Go with versatility. If you’re a musician, this is plug and play with everything you own.


Digital Effects Processor:

  • Converters 24-bit sigma-delta, 64/128-times oversampling

  • Sampling rate 40 kHz

Verdict: Take a look at a keyboard amp or PA system when you are in the market for a drum amplifier. A true PA system will run about $250+. Unlimit yourself. The next time you see a Simmons DA50 for sale, just remember the owner painted themselves in a corner.


Side Notes: Yes this is 90 Watts compared to the 50w Simmons model listed above but our comparison was based on price point. We listened to this amp in store hooked up to a high-end Roland keyboard before ponying up the loot. It was worth every penny.


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