Dial It In Series Chapter 2: Second-Hand Gems

Tim walked away undecided. He decided to check the net and the numerous local avenues available. Knowing there was no deadline, Tim was able to make a few inquiries. Tim used Craigslist, 5Miles, and checked out a couple of local pawnshops. By the end of the week, Tim knew one thing for sure....the second-hand drum market is robust but tricky to navigate. Tim ran into people that never responded, others that responded and set a meet date, only to not respond when it came time to confirm. The worst deals seemed to be the local pawnshops. Tim walked in thinking he was going to get a deal or a steal only to find price gouging. In the end, just as Tim was about to give up, his cousin spotted a shell set in all black for $60.00.


The set was just what he needed. It came with 2 rack toms and a 16” floor tom along with a 22” Bass Drum. The hardware to support the toms was missing but that will be for another day. Another note, the floor tom was missing one of the three legs. Overall Tim was happy. He didn't care that the bass drum wrap was slightly warped as this simply provided Tim with options. He could either re-wrap it and pick a matching style or paint the natural wood shell.


The drum heads were a cheap white mylar material which sounded terrible but could always be tuned if needed. They will eventually be replaced.


Tim now has a hobby and a midterm project to keep him occupied for a slight sourcing headache and a light weight cost of sixty ducats.

Stay Tuned.....