Dial It In Series Chapter 1: The Hunt

Let’s start at the beginning


A fellow walks into a store on Friday. Why Friday? He just got paid. Now if the store is online, it’s a virtual walk using mouse clicks. For our scenario, this is a local big box store.


Timothy, our payday potential customer is medium height with a ball cap on. He would classify himself as a pretty savvy guy and has been taking free music lessons online using an inherited second-hand snare.


He flashes a smile at the in-store rep and points to a 5pc Pearl Roadshow Drum Set.


“Can I play it?”




Tim does a tippity tap around the set listening for tone and sustain before giving it a mini go conscious of fellow shoppers.

New Pearl Drum Set Kit


Cool! Not bad, not bad at all.


The price tag at $479 is a hefty portion of his biweekly paycheck and Father’s Day is around the corner. He wanders over to look at the heads because he already knows he would swap at least the bass drum.


Tim does some mental calculations and grimaces at the walkaway price to own.


The cymbals are playable but would eventually need replacement. The set looks amazing in wine red though. What to do?


It’s decision time. What should Tim do?