Twas Then, This is Now

As we grew, things changed and evolved. It’s the same here at Prism. Maturity in life or as a company occurs after a few growing pains. Thankfully, the growing pains are short term. Thanks to amazing client feedback and support, Prism expansion plans are being formulated. This is exciting because we hope to continue to innovate.  Innovation is the greatest form of creative expression.  My first drum beat was produced with my hands. I’ll outline the technique below which eventually led to World Percussion instruments like the Bongo or Cajons as well as the modern-day drum set.


A wall, table, or refrigerator is the only thing required!!


Drum Types

Kick Drum – Closed Fist

Toms – Knuckles (1 or more)

Snare – Fingernails

Brush Snare - Fingertips


Getting Started

1.       Using one or two hands, begin with a bass line.

2.       Establish a concrete tempo before adding in the snare.

3.       Snare rolls can be performed by alternating two or more fingernails hits.

4.       Add in the toms to add variety.

5.       When comfortable, attempt a drum fill.

6.       Enjoy!!