The Ultimate Workout: F2 Training Percussion Pedal

In the interest of full disclosure, I can seriously say I am not interested in becoming a world renown drummer (crazy). To do so would be a major sacrifice (I love business). That being said, the desire to improve gravitates me to things that will provide the help I am looking for.


F2 Percussion Pedal.jpg

One of my personal areas of struggles (loads of them because I decided to go the self-taught route) is getting my feet to work the way I want. All my life my limbs have worked in concert. Grabbing a rebound required eye, hand, and foot coordination from the leap, to hands securing the ball, to landing. Everything has been working together for years. Then I started drumming.


As a drummer, each limb needs to be able to work independently. My brain knows this, but routine is routine, so the struggles persist. The nirvana I am looking has only been reached when driving. Yes, Kart driving to this point has been my pinnacle achievement. When racing all limbs can cohesively perform required functions independently of another to reach my end goal which is always to lap the other drives.


Wedding season is in full swing and one of my top buddies was tying the knot.  We’ve known each other for about 12-13 years and during that time I was introduced to the man who is the mastermind of the F2 training pedal. To make a long story short we ran into each other at the wedding rehearsal and began to talk shop. I vividly remembered the practice pedals he designed and was interested in buying a pair even back then. Well, it took 12+ years but I finally have a pair.



Work space = Play space

Work space = Play space


The pedals are allowing me to strengthen both feet. In the office, the pedals sit under my desk where I can hammer away quietly while answering calls and ticket requests.  The elusive heel toe or heel up double bass technique is a goal that now looks achievable. I recommend these pedals if you want to increase speed, strength, coordination, or to simply use in conjunction with a practice pad to pound out that 3/4 rhythm. I am seriously loving the pedals and you will too! The Hansenfutz F2 Training & Percussion pedal can be found here.