E-Studio Upgrade R&D

To Do List:

  1. Build a Compact Studio Kit
  2. Do not break the bank

Phase I: Inventory Management

First, determine what you want to keep versus what you want to toss/sell. Like grocery shopping, a list is going to save you money. Your kit upgrade should consist of components from an existing set, if you have one, or a deal on eBay, Craigslist, or one of those new, locally selling apps. We'll point out why later. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRAVEL FOR A DEAL. Think about it... in person you can look something over, frown a bit, and walk away at a lighter price or with certain items! 


Keep: Module (for the moment), Mounting Plate, Clamps, Cymbal arms, Hi Hat, and Kick Pads

Toss: Rack, Rubber Pads, Cheap Cymbals


Notes: Everyone's list will be different.  My rack has given me problems since day one -- holding pads and generally being unmovable.  My module was an Alesis DM10 and I couldn't justify the upgrade at the moment looking ahead to the Pearl Mimic Pro.  Modules are the most expensive part of most sets. Even the cheap ones start around $175-200. I want cymbals with a choke function.  Look at #2. Don't break the bank so this is coming, but can wait.  Rubber pads...need replacement.  N.E.E.D, not want trust me.  Accessories must stay.  Look up a price per clamp or tom arm...yup!

Most electronic drum kits are only offered as a set.  You and I do not need a set. Start with the base, a rack. I looked into PDP and Gibraltar chrome racks but couldn't justify the expense especially since most came without clamps and accessories.  I looked into Pintech and Alesis but no one seemed to sell just the rack. I turned to old faithful eBay. I lost a bid or two but finally spotted a brand new but discontinued Yamaha RS130 on the cheap ($125 +75 shipping) vs original price quotes of somewhere between $319-350. If it wasn't for the shipping I would have had a bigger steal because it came complete with accessories! The rack was lightweight and semi compactish ( it's hard to hold yourself accountable) while somehow being super sturdy. I needed one extra clamp and two cymbal arms ($40) to transfer my 10pc kit over. I know, we're at $240 already and we need new pads, preferably mesh heads, and cymbals. We will make it happen!


Current Grade: C+
Total Cost: $240
Setup Time: 1 Hour+

Current Verdict: Slightly over budget because with patience, I could have had a rack that didn't require a few individual accessories for around $110. My fault, except to be honest, I'm super excited about the size and expandability relative to the size footprint. Keep in mind comparable beginner to mid kits cost $699-1,100. The switch to mesh heads will save a boatload for the toms. I need that perfect snare and to somehow economically source cymbals to come in right around $600-750 total greenbacks.

Upcoming Phase II: Mesh and Cymbals