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Check out our mesh drum heads for electronic dums by Prism. We have replacement drum heads for Roland, Hart, Atv, Simmons, & Alesis e-drummers. The Reflective Response heads are a direct fit for your Ddrum, KAT KT4 Kick Drum, Alesis Nitro, Crimson, DM10, DM8, Pro, MKII, and Strike drum sets.

We have also launched some of the most affordable electric and hybrid mesh drum heads. Come see why our Simulation Series mesh drum line has rave reviews. Prism also has the right solutions for the acoustic drum crowd who may prefer to use traditional acoustic shells with internal or external drum triggers.

Acoustic drummers have fallen in love. We allow them to play longer, harder, and tighter while reducing external noise. Our super quiet mesh is perfect for practicing at all times of the day or night with no fear of bothering your family or neighbors. Offering sizes from 8-22 inches, we have you covered. Try out our bass drum head and be amazed. Don't forget to leave a Prism review for an online discount on your next order.

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