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-Frequently Asked Questions -

1. Are Prism Products universally compatible?

Our products are 99% compatible with all major brands for instance Alesis, Roland, Yamaha, Kat, Pearl, Ludwig, Sonor, Pearl, DW, DDrum ect, ect.


2. Why would I wrap an Alesis Shell?

  • In an industry built to appeal to the masses, we provide options

  • Adds Flair

  • Adds a Personal Touch

3. Why would I choose the SS mesh over RR?

The SS mesh material is slightly different in tone and appearance. Visit the Sound Room for the slight difference in acoustics.


4. Is Prism able to invoice a customer directly?

Yes! If needed, we can work with a customer. Please reach out to us for additional payment options.


5. Are payments secure?

Yes, we utilize Paypal and Stripe which are well known merchant processing platforms.


6. Are you interested in Partnerships with non-competing Companies or Brands?

Absolutely. Right now, we have a mutually beneficial partnership with the folks at Extreme Drums. They are located in the USA and offer fantastic electronic triggers for acoustic drums.


7. Is the Foreign Currency Calculator exact?

Due to market fluctuations, the calculator provides a very good estimate of the price a client would pay in a foreign currency when converted to USD.


8. Where do you ship to?

We make our best effort to ship globally. The in-cart prices for International Shipping reflect export costs we incur. In most cases, we take a loss in order to deliver Prism goods internationally. We ship daily typically by 3:00 PM EST.


9. Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes, like or follow us for awesome promotions and freebies!


10. What if I have a problem with my order?

While we hope this will never happen, we are very realistic. Simply shoot us an email with the description of the issue and attach any necessary photos. We will do our best to make things right with you.