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Acoustic Dampening

The only movable drum dampener designed to control overtones and ring. You'll love the portability and how easy it is to change the tonal sound. This dampener system can be used on snare drums, toms, and cymbals. We also have a solution for your kick drum that beats them all.

Wambooka Partners with Prism for Distribution

Distribution By Prism

The Art of Sound Control via Wambooka snare sound control

Wambooka Performer Pad

Sound & Resonance Control for the Acoustic Drummer

Dampening Gels

This is the only adjustable drum gel in the world and sound control has never been so easy. The gel can be moved to multiple positions and simply washed to restore the stickiness. Wambooka is an Italian company which markets a superior gel to combat harmonics produced from striking. The gel pads have a variety of applications. Grab a box or two for your gig bag. The next time you’re onstage with an in-house drum set, you’ll wish you had these on hand.

Prism Acoustic Bass Drum Dampening

Wambooka Kick Damper

Sound & Resonance Control for your bass drum

KiCk Drum Dampening Gel

The traditional method to dampening is a historic calamity. Thankfully stuffing sheets, towels, and blankets into a drum can now become a thing of the past. Wambooka has designed a Bass Drum Gel dampening system that saves you time and money. Now you can forget removing lugs or buying a controlled drum head. This innovative design can be applied in under a minute and produces serious results. You can now have one bass drum with multiple sounds. Switch from a boomy kick to a dead punch by applying multiple waffles. These… Are… Amazing! Of couse, we also like the clean look.