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An inspiration lab and online gear shop for hobbyist, enthusiast, and drum players all over the world. The desire to be different is evident.

Our Mantra

New | Used | Always Good


While renown for the best alternative replacement drum heads, our focus tends to lean towards customization. We strive to provide creative options allowing customers the ability to create, enhance, or upgrade existing equipment for a fraction of the price without ever sacrificing quality.


Since 2016, Prism has equipped drum kits kits from Canada to South America, Greece to Australia, and pretty much everywhere in between. Our difference is service, our excellence is our passion.


We started out by building a clean user friendly website offering instruction and educational tips. While you browse, you may find ways to obtain discounts. If we are missing content needed to make a buying decision, or any other necessary information, please let us know.


We implemented a chat system for customer support and can also be reached by completing our questionnaire on the Contact Page. If you want to talk, we're available. Just shoot us your number. Hassle Free Returns? Yep, we simply ask for a reason and a photo for return authorization. Use the Contact Page to initiate.


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