Black Reflective Response 2Ply Mesh Head

Black Reflective Response 2Ply Mesh Head

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Where pros turn for replacement e-drum and low volume heads. Offering a direct fit, Prism replacement pad mesh is your one-stop online drum shop.

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Available Sizes: 8-22"

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When compared versus a traditional acoustic drum head from the likes of Evans or Aquarian, these 2Ply Reflective Response Mesh Heads heavily reduce acoustic noise while still fully transferring natural feedback through the drumsticks. Two ultra-thin layers of material allow precise triggering when used with side or internal mounted E-Drum trigger assemblies and drum modules.


These mesh heads are compatible with most electronic drums and are replacement compatible with major brands like Alesis, Yamaha, Roland, Pearl, Tama, Ludwig ect. Music teachers can use these acoustic percussion drum heads to confidently begin scheduling in-home drum lessons without fear of angering neighbors no matter how late it is.

  • Very Low Volume

  • Natural Rebound

  • Good Acoustic Tonal Character

  • Suitable for Mallets & Sticks

  • Perfect for Dynamic Stick Work

  • Preferred Choice for E-Triggers

*The lower the % the darker the mesh

These Prism heads are very quiet, probably the quietest 2ply heads I’ve tried.
— 65Drums