Performer Pad Dampening Drum Gel

Performer Pad Dampening Drum Gel

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Prism is proud to offer this amazing drum accessory. This product is a must have. The adjustable gel can be taken anywhere via the carrying case allowing a drummer to always be in control of how they sound. The gel is easily removable and can be washed to restore the stickiness.

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A set of 5 clear gel pads (3 round and 2 rectangular waffles) are included. All can be used in a variety of applications around your drum set. No matter the enviroment, use these gel pads to define your sound.

Room acoustics can wreck havoc even on a perfectly tuned snare. Wambooka addresses this. Whip out your performer pads and fix the issue in a few seconds! The performer pads are sticky and stay in place without bouncing off like other mutes and dampers. In a perfect world, you would have a set for your practice kit and a set in your gig bag.

The Art of Sound Control

  • EZ Tune your drum head

  • Adjust & Customize the damping effect by moving the gel

  • Can also be used on a resonant drum head

  • Quickly change the ring of your cymbals

  • Control tom drum overtones

  • Simply wash to restore to original stickiness

  • Free Shipiping in the USA