Sim Series 2Ply White Mesh Drum Head

Sim Series 2Ply White Mesh Drum Head

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The Sim Series two-ply heads outbox the competition. As always, these mesh heads are remarkably close to traditional drum heads in feel.

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Available Sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, & 18"

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Offering a clean look, the Prism Simulation Series line has arrived and is ready for immediate application. This mesh drum head features a high-grade mesh material that can be tuned and wears extremely well. The SS series uses a heavier gauge mesh vs the RR series as seen with a quick glance at the density results below. This 2Ply drum head will also resist tension based stretching better than the RR 2Ply due to the material characteristics. Aesthetically, the swirling haze appearance is stunning.

  • Woven 2 Layer Durability
  • Natural Feedback Transfer
  • Acoustic Drum Volume Reduction
  • E-Drum Replacement Mesh
  • Quiet practice applications

*The lower the % the darker the mesh