Sim Series 3Ply Black Mesh Drum Head

Sim Series 3Ply Black Mesh Drum Head

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The Prism Simulation Series heads are attractive in black or white and present a clean appearance. As always, these mesh heads are remarkably close to traditional drum heads in feel and rebound.

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Available Sizes: 8-22"

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A stark subtle appearance won't tip you off to the impressiveness of this drum head. Pair it with an E-Trigger assembling or electronic drum pad and give it a go with drum rolls and ghost notes. You will immediately notice a difference in response. This mesh drum head features a high-grade mesh material that can be tuned and wears extremely well. Note the current size limitation but rest assured that the full lineup should be rolled out in the notto distant future.

  • Woven 3 Layer Durability

  • Natural Feedback Transfer

  • Acoustic Drum Volume Reduction

  • E-Drum Replacement Mesh

  • Quiet practice applications

*The lower the % the darker the mesh