Wambooka Bass Kick Drum Dampening System

Wambooka Bass Kick Drum Dampening System


One kick drum, multiple sounds…. and it’s not electronic. Use these versatile gel dampening pads to cut overtones in short order. This system replaces the requirement to remove a head to add various dampening effects to achieve your desired thump!

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  • The Wambooka bass drum kick dampers stay in a fixed position on the bass drum batter or the resonant head (inside or out)

  • With a four pack of these handy, drum with confidence that your sound is perfect no matter the acoustic room inflections

  • The dampening system works by optimizing the frequency ratio of the drum

  • With the Wambooka kick damper, drummers no longer have to stuff a drum like a turkey

  • Your sound in seconds with this revoluntionary system