White Reflective Response 2Ply Mesh Head

White Reflective Response 2Ply Mesh Head

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A direct replacement mesh drum head alternative for most major brands. This drumhead will act as a massive volume reducer for acoustic drummers looking to play at home.

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Available Sizes 8-22"

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Our Reflective Response 2Ply Mesh has been favorably compared to Remo Silent Strokes. The difference, a thin extra layer of material to enhance durability and a reduction to the exaggerated rebound a 1Ply head would produce. These may be the quietest low volume mesh heads on the market today. Yes, these are also fully compatible with most acoustic as well as digital electronic drums.


These Reflective Response 2Ply Mesh Heads severely cut reduce acoustic noise and are perfect for home-based studios, teachers with students, and professional gigging. These are suitable to equip either your electric drum kit or a full acoustic drum set. Get started today with a premium drumhead from Prism.

  • Very Low Volume
  • Natural Rebound
  • Good Acoustic Tonal Character
  • Suitable for Mallets & Sticks
  • Perfect for Dynamic Stick Work
  • Preferred Choice for E-Triggers

*The lower the % the darker the mesh

These Prism heads are very quiet, probably the quietest 2ply heads I’ve tried.
— 65Drums