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The Sound Room |

Going from acoustic drum heads to mesh is a big deal. Please read the sidebar before listening.

The Sound Room |

by Prism Products LLC

With headphones, listen for acoustical differences between mesh styles. At the moment, all sizes and styles have not yet been recorded.


Mesh is recorded with 5A Zildjan wood tip drumsticks using an overhead Blue Spark Condensor Mic as well as a Superlux Supercardioid dynamic mic.


The overhead microphone audio (O) is the best method to determine how efficiently overall volume is lowered.


The dynamic microphone audio (D) is best for determining tone.


Your overall ambient sound is captured when combining both audio sources (D+O).


Note 1: Audio produced at medium tension with no dampening on (toms) or in the (bass) drum.


Note 2: Tone will vary depending on the tension of your Prism mesh in conjunction with your resonant drum head. Dial them up or down to your specifications.